The idea behind this blog is to share my passion for food in all its forms and stages: in restaurants, delis & stores, recipes, ingredients and tools. I want to share it all :) My name is Flore or Flo, I manage a textile business based in Paris and spend most of my time in Sydney – Australia. I’m in a permanent hunt for the right ingredients and the right machines or simple tools to make recipes which remind me of France, my family and my childhood in Paris and Burgundy. In love with photography, I have been taking photos of my food since film photography! I remember many key moments of my life through food. Join me on my culinary journey on my Sydney food blog and please let me know what you think using the comments at the bottom of each post. This is also where you can subscribe to “The Flo Show” and receive an email every time I write a new post.


Megan Morton's Styleprac photography workshop at The School in Rosebery

Megan Morton’s SPPW in Sydney – the movie

June 29, 20162 Comments

I am sorry I have not published articles and recipes in the last few days. I have a new passion in

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Leopard biscuit recipe - the king of tea dipping on www.TheFloShow.com

Leopard biscuits

June 8, 20164 Comments

This taste, this crunch and the colours bring me back to my childhood, tea time with my mum...

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Photography and Styling Prac class - at The School by Megan Morton - Vietnamese salad on www.TheFloShow.com

Style Prac Photography Workshop by Megan Morton at The School

May 31, 20162 Comments

On Saturday I had one of those days-in-heaven. I attended Megan Morton's very first SPPW! It's her

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Smoky dal - using recipe using a thermo-machine on www.TheFloShow.com

Smoky dal

May 27, 2016No Comments

This is a quick and easy recipe when you have a thermo-machine. Don't leave, you guys who haven't

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Easy no bake cereal bars for snacks of school on www.TheFloShow.com

Easy no bake cereal bars

May 24, 20162 Comments

We're all busy, mum or not, young or not, we all have tons of things to do. Quick recipes, where you

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Gleebooks THE cookbook store in Glebe on www.TheFloShow.com

{cookbook review} Gleebooks – a cookbook heaven in Glebe

May 12, 20161 Comment

This is going to be a long post... If you're totally addicted to cookbooks and collect them,

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White chocolate, orange and dried fruits cubes for a snack on www.TheFloShow.com

White chocolate, orange and dried fruit cubes

May 5, 20162 Comments

White chocolate, orange and dried fruit cubes are a very tasty snack for tea and great treats for

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Homemade herbs pasta - so much nicer than supermarket pasta on www.TheFloShow.com

Homemade herbs pasta

May 4, 20162 Comments

It took me decades to decide to make my own pasta. I don't really know why but I felt as if it was

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Sorel Sandwich with mustard oil - A PUNCH IN THE NOSE on www.TheFloShow.com

Sorrel tartine with mustard oil, my punch in the nose lunch

May 3, 2016No Comments

I love simple tartines for lunch. I also love using my "strange ingredients" to make something a bit

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Epic Failure - how to massacre baguettes on www.TheFloShow.com

{Epic Failure} How to massacre French baguettes

May 2, 2016No Comments

When you have autolysed flour and water for an hour, proofed dough for 2 hours, rested dough

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{restaurant review} Henrys in Cronulla - Fish tartare with finger lime www.TheFloShow.com

{restaurant review} Henrys in Cronulla

April 22, 20162 Comments

After hearing about it a lot in the last few weeks and chatting with food critic Carla Grossetti on

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Butternut and Kaffir Lime Soup on www.TheFloShow.com

Butternut and Kaffir Lime Soup

April 14, 20162 Comments

This is another Magimix Cook Expert recipe and as usual, I give you the simple instruction if you

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Avocado Tartine recipe on www.TheFloShow.com

Avocado Tartine

April 7, 20162 Comments

This is a ridiculously simple "recipe" which I'm a bit ashamed of publishing because it's so basic.

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Magimix Cook Expert - Worth it or not - that is the question on www.TheFloShow.com

Magimix Cook Expert – Worth it?

April 6, 201648 Comments

My feedback after 7 months of Magimix Cook Expert cooking... Before I start this long post I

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Dukkahs from Gourmet Morsels in Werribee - Victoria - amazing nibbles on www.TheFloShow.com

{product review} Dukkahs from Gourmet Morsels in Werribee – Victoria

April 5, 2016No Comments

This year we took the whole family to the Easter show. While the kids were day dreaming of the

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