Coffee crème anglaise
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This is an ultra easy recipe to make with a thermo-machine. It is delicious and goes so well with any cake, biscuit or just by itself. Add corn flour if you prefer a thicker custard. I usually put ½ tbs.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: French
  • - 7 small egg yolks or 6 big ones
  • - 80g raw sugar
  • - 1 tbs coffee emulsion or coffee extract
  • - ½ tbs vanilla bean paste
  • - 500ml milk
  • - ½ tbs corn flour or starch (optional)
  1. THERMOMACHINE WAY: Put everything in the bowl. Select 12 mins / Speed 4 / 80°C.
  2. PAN WAY: Pour milk in a saucepan. Tip Vanilla paste and coffee extract in and bring to the simmering point. Mix egg, corn flour and sugar in a bowl to a moussy texture. Pour hot milk while whisking energetically. Tip it all back in saucepan and cook on medium heat (do not go over 85°C and certainly do not boil or it will curdle) until the custard coats a spoon or spatula and your finger leaves a trace on it.
  3. Let cool with a plastic wrap touching the cream, in the fridge.
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